Marine Parks Snorkeling

Turtle Seychelles

Seychelles Marine Parks Snorkeling Excursions. An untouched paradise for snorkelers.

Half or full day excursion to  Baie Ternay Marine Park or Ste Anne Marine Park.


Experience the stunning coral reefs, admire the wide variety of species and unique sites of this natural wonder. Observe the colorful sponges and the stunning live coral. As fishing is prohibited, the marine parks reveals untouched coral garden, and impressive experience. Each visit is a new experience.

BaieTernay and Ste. Anne Marine are National Parks and deserve all your attention.

Baie Ternay
The paradise Baie Ternay marine park is treasured for its amazing vistas. The untouched seashore and calm turquoise waters are revealing an abundant marine life: a natural beauty, with possibilities for spotting whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles.

Marine Park Seychelles



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